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The Purpose of SGA is…What?


Chris Ceren – Staff Writer

Does anyone know what the SGA actually accomplishes? What is their agenda, what are they trying to do for the students? How do we even go about getting information on what they do? More importantly, why is it so predominantly Greek? These are just a few of the questions I have about the SGA, which seems to be a hidden sanction of students making decisions for the entire campus, without ever informing them about the debates.

When I started looking for information on the SGA, I could not seem to find much. So, I figured I would look to see if they would show up to the activity fair, and sure enough they did. I walked up to the table and was surprised by the quick action of one of the officers who promptly handed me an election packet. He then went into a half-hearted explanation of what I needed to do for my chance to campaign. I asked a few random questions, which he answered with a slight hint of sarcasm, and then I continued on my way.

This left me with an uneasy sense of the mentality of SGA; from his tone and body language I could tell that this group was high and mighty. However, I decided to dig a little deeper, and it is not hard to tell that it is mostly controlled by Greek sector of campus. Once I opened the election packet and saw that “Greek Affiliation” was under the “candidate information” section, I knew that it was going to be hard for me to get a proper chance to run. I am not Greek, I do not care much for it, and to know that the student government representing me is Greek makes me feel somewhat uneasy.

I am not trying to say that Greek life is a bad thing; it just does not share the same values for an agenda as the majority of the school. After all, Greek life only accounts for about a quarter of the student body. The SGA mission statement says that one of its goals is “to provide a forum for relevant campus issues that is accessible to all students.” But how are we supposed to do so when they do not convey what they are doing to the rest of the student body? There is a website committed to informing the student body of their actions. Look at it for yourself; search SGA on the RC webpage- the second link will show that this site has not been used since 2002.

The SGA is a needed entity; however, it is being misused to help push the agenda of the few and not the whole. The new constitution has allowed the few to be able to control the council, which will just lead to a falsely represented student body. This is not a plea to over throw the student government; it is just a plea for the students to get more involved. Make sure your opinions are heard, make sure topics are debated, and make sure we are all represented.