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Week 1 of NFL is Underway


Cara Cooper – Sports Editor

It is known to many as “The Greatest 17 Sundays of the year.”  From now until January you can watch non-stop, good old-fashioned, hard-hitting American football for hours on end, making the Sabbath day that much more holy.  And with more drama and entertainment unfolding every week, all NFL fans should go ahead and take Terrell Owens’ advice and “get your popcorn ready.”

All the drama of the offseason, from Rex Ryan’s trash talk to the typical ‘will he’ or ‘won’t he’ of Brett Favre to Donovan McNabb becoming a Redskin and T.O. becoming Chad Ochocinco’s sidekick in Cincinnati, has finally come to fruition as we are now past week one and officially started the regular season.  These are the things you should have learned from week one.

The Washington Redskins started the season with a lot of hope that it will be better than the last.  Coming off of a 4-12 season, the Redskins signed free-agent quarterback Donovan McNabb as well as hired 3 time Super Bowl winning coach Mike Shanahan, both of which should help lift the organization back to the greatness it once knew.  Their first test came this weekend when Washington took on the Dallas Cowboys. 

Cowboys tackle Alex Barron committed the 12th and most costly penalty of the game for his team late in the fourth quarter; a holding call that called back Roy Williams’ touchdown catch that would have won the game for Dallas.  In the end, the Redskins came out ahead 13-7, but the game was won more on luck than actual skill. 

Even though the Redskins technically won, it could be said that the Cowboys lost the game for themselves rather than Washington actually being the better team. Redskins’ fans shouldn’t expect McNabb and Shanahan to be the saviors of the Redskins.  The whole organization needs a lot more saving than a quarterback and Super Bowl winning coach can give to you.  And Cowboys fans, no team has ever played in the Super Bowl they hosted, and it’s not going to happen for you this year.  You’re just going to have to watch two other teams play on that 75 yard long Jumbo-tron at this year’s Super Bowl.

The Cincinnati Bengals had quite an impressive offseason, prompting quite a few people to throw around the word “championship” before a down was even played.  However, the first test of the T.O. and Chad Ochocinco show, had many people wondering if it was a good idea putting the two biggest divas in the NFL together fighting for catches.  Their first game against the New England Patriots proved that.

New England came out ahead of the Bengals pretty easily, 38-24. Tom Brady connected with Wes Welker for two touchdown passes, proving the knee, that kept Welker out for almost the entire season last year, was definitely healthy again.    Owens finished the day with just seven catches for 53 yards; not exactly a great game by the third ranked wide receiver in NFL history. The biggest disappointment is that the fans will have to wait another week to find out how Owens plans to celebrate his first touchdown as a Bengal.

Monday night’s game between the Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets had a lot more defense than most other games.  Baltimore, behind quite possibly the scariest player in the NFL, Ray Lewis, held the Jets to the fewest amount of first downs (6) and total yards (176) in a single game in team history.  After an extremely tight game the entire 60 minutes, the Ravens great defense proved to triumph in the end with a 10-9 victory. Both of these teams hope the old saying “defense wins championships” comes true this season.  Don’t be surprised if you see this match-up again in the AFC Championship game. 

With 32 professional teams, there are many other things to consider going into week two. 

The Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb failed a concussion test Wednesday, meaning Michael Vick will finally get back to being a starting quarterback.  Philadelphia fans don’t worry.  All of your dogs are safe, but opposing defenses may not be. 

Brett Favre should have retired for good.  The numbers he put up last season were some of the best of his career, and who doesn’t want to go out on top?  There is no way he will be able to come close to duplicating that in 2010.

While watching the Ravens play Monday night, the question was posed, “Would you rather get hit by a car or Ray Lewis?”  Either way, it is definitely a painful and terrifying experience.