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Welcome to the official Brackety-Ack website!


The Brackety-Ack

Almost 100 years ago this month, the Brackety-Ack was founded at Roanoke College. On September 13, 2010, the official Brackety-Ack website launched. The staff welcomes everyone to enjoy this new venture for the newspaper. Please check back often to find out about all of the happenings at Roanoke College.


  1. “About
    The Brackety-Ack is the official student-run newspaper of Roanoke College. The newspaper was founded on September 1, 1917, and the official website launched on September, 13 2010.”

    I saw this on the ABOUT section of your website. If you found this somewhere else on the website, please let me know where because it needs to be corrected. In 1917, school was not in session until Sept. 13. And, the Brackety-Ack had already been around for two years. THE FIRST ISSUE OF THE BRACKETY-ACK WAS PUBLISHED ON OCTOBER 19, 1915.

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