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“Halo” Machinima “Red vs. Blue” Releases Trilogy


Emily Erwin – Entertainment Editor

September 14 was a big day for “Halo” fans. The new game “Halo Reach” was released for the Xbox; and “Red vs. Blue” released their latest season, “Red vs. Blue: Revelation,” in addition to the rest of the “Recollection” trilogy on DVD.

 “Red vs. Blue” is a popular web series designed by RoosterTeeth Productions based on the infamous video game series “Halo.” The first part of the series, “Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles,” ran from 2003-2007, spanning five seasons, while the “Recollection” trilogy ran from 2008-2010 and consists of “Reconstruction,” “Recreation,” and “Revelation,” which make up seasons six through eight.

 The “Recollection” trilogy features the same characters that were in “Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicle.” The only difference is that Red team and Blue team are no longer in the infamous boxed canyon known as Blood Gulch. They have been assigned to different outposts far away from each other. The only ones remaining in Blood Gulch are Sarge from Red team and Sister (yes that is her name) from Blue team.

 “Recollection” also introduces some new characters to the series. Agent Washington appears as a member of Project Freelancer, an organization that studies soldiers who have been implanted with AIs. After receiving orders from Command, Washington goes out to find two members from the Blue team stationed in Blood Gulch to help him find a rouge agent known as the Meta.

 As the trilogy progresses, former characters are brought back into the series, secrets are uncovered and you will end up wanting to throw your laptop or viewing device out the window from the suspense the cliff-hangers bring.

 The trilogy keeps the tradition of several running gags that were prominent in BGC. Sarge still wants Grif dead, Tucker is still obsessed with women, Caboose’s mind is still completely divorced from reality, Simmons is still the science nerd, and Church still cannot hit anything with a sniper-rifle, or any sort of weapon, for that matter.

 I find that season six is my favourite of the trilogy and possibly from the entire series to date. The storyline is filled with moments so intense that I ended up procrastinating doing my homework for about three or four hours just so I could finish the season to know what happens at the end. One such moment was when Church found out that he is the Alpha AI, which ended episode 16. That episode was so intense that I could tell something big was going to happen and when it did, I could not do anything for a few minutes but sit in shock over what I had just seen.

 The second to last episode of “Revelation” is intense as well, especially when Epsilon is explaining to Washington that Tex, Church’s former girlfriend, is actually a by-product of an experiment used on the Alpha AI. Since the end of episode nine in “Revelation,” where Tex first appears, she has been trying to find out who she really is, because too many things did not add up. I had feared this since Tex is one of my favourite characters in the series, and I did not like to learn what I had been thinking was true.

 In keeping with the tradition from BGC that the plot is advanced through dialogue rather than action, the “Recollection” trilogy does not see a lot of actual combat situations. One of my personal favorite combat situations of the few in the series takes up an entire episode. In “Revelation” episode ten, Tex is back and she has decided to make up for lost time by beating the crap out of Tucker, Sarge, Grif, and Simmons while Caboose is monitoring the situation from a nearby control room. Tex was pretty awesome to start out with: many fans wonder who would win in a fight between Tex and Chuck Norris. In “Revelation,” Tex’s power seems to multiply by ten, as she is seen lifting a several ton storage container and throwing it at Tucker and moving a concrete cinderblock across the floor with her foot.

 One thing I do not like about the trilogy is how slowly “Recreation” seemed to move. It seemed like it took forever for Grif, Sarge, and Caboose to meet up with Tucker in Sandtrap. Granted RoosterTeeth did not spend the entire time showing how they travelled to Sandtrap; they showed how Lopez, Simmons, and Donut (yes that is his real name as well) were holding up in Valhalla. And before they met Tucker in Sandtrap, the guys actually found out some valuable information. However, I felt that the process could have gone much faster.

All in all, the “Recollection” trilogy is a great sequel to BGC. It has plenty of witty comments, humour, and little bits of action with no shortage of intense moments that leave viewers wondering what will happen next.