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Equestrian Team Prepares for New Season


Maggie Christ – Staff Writer

Roanoke College’s Equestrian Team has nearly doubled in size since it began last semester. The club was founded in December 2008 and the team began competing in the spring of 2010. Now with ten girls on the team and a full season ahead, they have high hopes for the coming years.

As the team grows, they hope to prove an asset to the campus, explains Celeste Coulter ’11, founder and president of the Equestrian Club. Coulter believes with the support of the college, the team can expand and draw in more prospective RC students who have an interest in riding.

“There are a few freshmen and transfers who came to Roanoke with hopes of joining this team specifically,” Coulter said, “and it benefits the college as well that there are these dedicated students on campus.”

As their riding coach from last year moved to Georgia, the girls recruited a new riding coach, Becky Andrews.

“If her resume shows anything of what she can do, she’ll be a great asset to the team,” Coulter said.

She has trained several national champion riders and is a big hit with the girls.

“Everyone really seems to like her,” Coulter said.

The Equestrian team competes in both fall and spring semesters. As they began late last year they missed nearly half of the competitions. This year will be different because they have begun training already and their first meet is next month. 

Now that the girls will have a full year to compete this puts them at the level to earn points as a team and as individuals which could qualify them for post-season competitions.

“I am excited to come back and see this team expand,” Coulter said.

Coulter will be graduating in the spring but is not afraid to leave this group behind because she knows it will be in capable hands. Coulter has put a lot of work in to get this club; starting and putting it on its feet, she has no fear that it is in a position to grow even more.

Coulter will leave behind a few sophomores and juniors as well as freshmen who are enthusiastic and ready to take on the work that is needed to show that this team is important.

The girls will begin their season on October 15 against Randolph College.