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“Final Play” “Coax” Audience Members


Falisha McCauley- Chief Copy-Editor
Chelsea Waltman- Staff Writer

On Friday, Oct. 8 and Saturday, Oct. 9, Olin Studio Theatre presents two, student directed one act plays. “Coax” by Neil LaBute and “Final Play” by William Lang will begin at 8 p.m. with free admission.

 Both plays are directed by Megan Corsnitz ’11 and strictly produced and performed by Roanoke College students. The plays are advertised for mature audiences due to graphic language and dramatic sequences. 

 “Coax” is about a heterosexual couple who met online. The audience witnesses the couple’s first personal encounter. As their meeting progresses, the audience observes the hour the couple spends together with all its awkwardness and the process of the couple warming up to each other.

 “It speaks a lot to the art of theatre, and the strangeness of its concepts,” Corsnitz said.

 “Final Play” is drastically different. It is about three men in a prisoner of war camp where they spend time playing various games. All the while they are controlled by a female voice they cannot see. The uniqueness of this play is that it does not make a distinction of nationality, time or place. Corsnitz says the basis of “Final Play” is how the men interact with each other in their circumstances.

 Corsnitz did not divulge further information about either of the plays. She said she wanted to keep them somewhat a mystery due to the elements of the plays and the meanings they hold.

 “Both are very surprising. I think that’s why I want to keep them a mystery. Neither are what you expect,” Corsnitz said.  

 Comparative to previous years, this year’s one act plays are presented a month in advance due to Corsnitz graduating in December. Due to her desire to direct a play before she graduated, the Theatre Department provided a special exception so she could have her plays performed before fall break. Considering the special director accommodations, these plays have another layer of unique added.