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Maroon Focus: Bryan Ryberg Makes Club and Intermural Sports Better


Beth Croshaw – Staff Writer

Bryan Ryberg, the director of campus recreation, is from Pacific North West Seattle. He graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor’s in History and received his Master’s in Education from Florida Atlantic. Roanoke College offered him his first career position graduation from graduate school. 

RC hired him in order to increase the amount of activities and participants in club and intramural sports.

“The main goal of club/intramural sports in to get students involved, give them a sense of community, and teach them to lead a healthy lifestyle,” said Ryberg.

Ryberg played varsity soccer his freshman and sophomore year of college.  Due to a knee injury, he had to stop playing team sports. Therefore, his junior and senior of college he got involved with club and intramural sports.

Playing varsity sports, engages students with weekly night practices and games as well as on weekends.  Club sports are one level underneath varsity and practice a couple times a week.  Similar to varsity teams playing other varsity teams from different schools, club teams play other club teams from different schools.

 Club and intramural sports provide students who have suffered injuries a chance to remain active.  Any full time or part-time student, faculty or staff member can participate.  However, only students are allowed to participate in club sports. There is no set GPA to play an intramural sport, but certain club sports team may decide on required GPAs.

This is Ryberg’s third year as director of campus recreation.  Something that is new this year is that Outdoor Adventure has also been added to the other three components of campus recreation, which include club, intramural, and fitness.

 Ryberg gave the example of, if a student does not want to go to a club and intramural sport alone, then maybe he or she will ask another student to go with them, increasing the level of participation.

“We are always trying to expand and increase participation,” Ryberg said.