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Stinkbugs Continue to be a Never-Ending Problem on Campus


Sergei Tilsworth – Staff Writer

The start of the fall semester signals another start for the season, stinkbugs.

 “They’re tedious and annoying,” says Marquisha Kennedy ’12 who lives in the Chalmers Dormitory. “There’s nothing to do [about it].”

 While they do not bite or cause any physical damage, they continue to come through window-mounted air conditioning units and cracks in the windows, bothering students by flying around their rooms and adding an unwanted amount of annoyance. They have been a problem since the first week of school, and according to Jasmine Forney ’13 have been a problem since her freshman year.

 The most effective means of deterring them seems to be to buy a mesh material and cover the air-conditioning unit mounted in most student rooms. While this seems to be the best solution, there are also cracks around the frames of the old windows in the dorms, allowing the bugs to still make it into the warmer environments they are seeking.

  Students have contacted the maintenance staff to propose the idea of sealing off the openings in the windows though maintenance has said that would be a fire hazard. The maintenance department has used an industrial strength spray, but that seems to do very little. Other students have tried using Raid, a popular pest spray that can be purchased at many local stores; however, the spray seems to do very little as well.

 While the bugs will not survive the winter, they continue to be a bother to students as they crawl and fly around dorm rooms, causing a nuisance to all who have to live with them.


  1. I recently heard that if you put Eucalyptus leaves on the window sill or spray around window sills with pine scented Lysol, this will deter the stinkbugs. I have not yet tried it, but I am having problems with the bugs at my house and I plan to do so this weekend!!

  2. My friends and I would make a game out of it. Whoever catches the most in the room wins. However, it’s less funny when I open my car and have a few drop on to me.

  3. I’ve effectively used their behavior when disturbed against them. I noted that when on the walls or ceiling, curtains, shelves or other surfaces, they tend to reflexive drop several inches before flight. They will not release their odor unless crushed so don’t smash them.

    Secondly, their exoskeletons seem waxy and when in water swim on the surface-tension quite well.

    So, get a square plastic container with straight sides. Place a few squirts of shampoo or dish detergent into the container and one inch of water to form foam for a fatal bug bubble-bath.

    Touch or brush the stinkbugs so they drop into the foam. A 3 x 5 card is perfect for this. They sink and drown almost immediately–no stink. Flush container contents when full of bugs.

    No dangerous toxins. Not much odor released.

    This technique is not for Buddhists if you consider these critters sentient beings.

    Dr. P

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