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Construction Continues At RC


Spencer Lewen

Staff Writer

A new parking lot, new tennis courts on Elizabeth Campus, a new residence hall, and the end of Bowman.  These are the construction projects which are either in the process of being completed, in the queue waiting to be started, or floating around as ideas in the Business Affairs office.  After completing the addition to Lucas, the next construction projects on campus are already underway. 

The tennis courts on campus near Kerr Stadium are being removed to be replaced with a new parking lot and a new entrance to campus off of Hawthorn.  This new parking lot will be completed by winter break.  The tennis courts are being moved to Elizabeth Campus in order to accommodate the new parking lot, which will go hand in hand with the building of a new residence hall in place of the parking lot beside CAR. 

Construction on this new residence hall is estimated to begin after the May graduation, and it should be ready to house students by August of 2012.  This residence hall will be the first of its kind on campus.  It will have regular dorm rooms, pods, and semi-apartments all in the same building.  A student could theoretically live in a regular dorm as a freshman, and move to an apartment during another school year while never leaving the building.

 The new residence hall will have 200 beds, and essentially create a third quad on campus.  Mark Noftsinger, vice-president of Business Affairs, hopes that this new quad will be a center of activity on campus, like the Front and Back Quad have become places where activities are held.

 Noftsinger remarked that they would need a fundraiser in order to take down Bowman.  The old Bowman building would be replaced with a campus center. 

This campus center would be a “large facility which will house an indoor track, a new performance gym, and a new fitness center,” Noftsinger said.  

Once they complete the new campus center, they might take down the arches near the front entrance, which were put up to sort of hide Bowman.  

 “The goal is to move parking to the exterior and services to the interior,” Noftsinger said.

Noftsinger went on to say that there are a couple other projects that have been toyed with recently.  Included would be a renovation of the top floor of the Administration Building, which has been closed off for about 30 years, and is no longer safe to enter without a hard-hat, as well as a possible addition to the back of the building.

 He also mentioned that they hope to update some labs in Trexler and Life-Science, a project they have already started.  During the past summer, some labs in Trexler were renovated, and Noftsinger would like to continue to do so.  Overall, students can expect some major changes in the near future, especially once construction on the new Residence Hall begins next year