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Maroon Focus: RC Quiz Bowl Team Continues Excellence


For a group of Roanoke College students there is no such thing as a useless fact. Instead for the members of the Roanoke College Quiz Bowl team that apparently useless piece of information is what they are all about.

The Quiz Bowl Team is a group of students who represent Roanoke College at a series of academic competitions throughout the year. This requires knowledge in a wide variety of subjects covering all forms of human knowledge. The competitions themselves are a series of question and answer rounds where students receive points for not only knowing the right answer but for how quickly they respond. Roanoke students participate in several tournaments each year including the regional tournament held every spring.

According to Quiz Bowl President Cody Sexton ‘11 “The quiz bowl team tries to get multiple groups on campus involved in the spirit of fun and academics”.

They do this through several campus wide events every year. The first of these is the faculty-student tournament where members of the faculty from each department compete against student teams. It also includes a grand finale event where the quiz bowl team competes against a select faculty/staff team for bragging rights. This event is designed to promote the campus wide student tournament in which groups of students from various clubs and organizations compete against each other for monetary prizes.

This year the Intervarsity men’s small groups’ team narrowly beat out ASA to become the campus champions. Finally in the spring they host a high school tournament to promote quiz bowl and academic achievement in southwest Virginia.

As with any organization the quiz bowl team is always looking toward the future. Currently they have a well balanced team of students and are hoping to be a major contender at this year’s regional competition in Greensboro NC and to perhaps garner a spot at the national quiz bowl tournament.

They are also looking for new recruits who are interested in some good healthy academic competition and in representing Roanoke College at various events. Anyone interested in joining can email Cody Sexton at aesexton@mail.roanoke.edu.