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RC Students Attend “March For Life” Event In Washington D.C.

Diane Vankevich
Staff Writer
Seven Roanoke College students feel like Alice in Wonderland as they weave their way through groups of people who are holding picket signs larger than life. Simultaneously, there is cheering and listening to speeches made by politicians.
“Roe v. Wade has got to go, hey ho!” They all find themselves surrounded by thousands of people, all in support of life.

The students made the journey to the U.S. capitol with the high hopes of making a difference. Every year people from all over the country come to D.C. to harmoniously walk the streets of the capitol. The Gift of Life, an organization through the Salem Catholic church, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, generously donated so that RC students could join in on the cause.

Leaving on Sunday morning, the students arrived at the Hylton Memorial Chapel just in time for the “Life is Very Good” rally featuring Christian rock musician, Matt Maher. There they celebrated the Catholic mass and then sang along with the powerful worship music.

“The concert was spiritually uplifting and brought me closer to the presence of God,” said Tori Godwin ’14.

On the day of the march, the RC students joined over thirty thousand people at the Verizon Center for the Youth Rally. There, they prayed, sang, and celebrated the Catholic mass.  There were many musicians that shared their talents at the rally. One of which was American Idol’s Madeleine Curtis, who allowed her beautiful voice to resonate throughout the stadium.  After an electrifying rally, the students ventured into the cold streets of D.C.

People were swarming everywhere, animatedly handing out Pro-Life stickers and signs. Everyone’s enthusiasm augmented as groups began to shout out sayings that captured the idea of why they were there.  They joined a mass of people on a grassy plain, where the political speeches were being made.

There were governors and state representatives from widespread places as south as Texas, as well as from New England and the Midwest. There were students from Roanoke, sandwiched between the U.S. capitol and the Washington Monument, with hundreds of thousands of people.

Claire Heider ’13, a first-time marcher, was shocked at the number of people who came to the march.

“All of the people there acted like brothers and sisters and were just so passionate about the cause,”
Heider said.

“I was really excited to be there and celebrate life. The march and the youth rally made me realize that every individual has so much worth,” said Sam Reis ’14.

Stephanie Clements ’14 was really glad she joined the trip.

“The march is a great experience for anyone who believes in the fundamental right to life,” Clements said.

A special thanks goes out to Kathleen Ouyang who organized the trip to D.C.

As her fifth time on the march, Ouyang is looking to start a pro-life club on campus. For those interested, she wants to have an interest meeting in February. You can contact her for more details.