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Staff Writer

Dear Sue,

My New Year’s resolution was to start going to the gym a lot more and to get in shape. I started off really excited about it and went everyday for two weeks. Now I’m starting to lose motivation and the junk food is really calling my name with all the stress I’m under. I feel that I’m using my busy schedule as an excuse not to work out.


Gym Slacker

Dear Gym Slacker,

First let me tell you that you are not alone and not the first! Many people fall into the same rut when they try to improve their active lifestyle. Don’t worry because there are some great ways to keep your motivation up. Try to get a group together to go to the gym with on a regular schedule. If your friends’ schedules are to mismatched, try finding a work-out buddy. Your best bet would be to find someone who already goes to the gym regularly. That way, they won’t have a loss of motivation too.

Another way to keep you on track that is more solitary is joining www.presidentschallenge.org. It is a website that is absolutely free to join and it really gets you pumped. Every day you exercise, you enter in the activity, the intensity level, and the amount of time you did it. For each activity you log, the site gives you points for it. After attaining certain levels of points, you are awarded a bronze, silver, or gold medal. This site helps to boost your confidence in your work outs and if you have a competitive side, it becomes fun to rack up points.


Sue Z. Maroon