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Counseling Center Participates In National Study For Mental Health


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There is a correction to the article about the Counseling Center written last week. There is one licensed clinical psychologist and two licensed professional counselors. And the Counseling Center also opens at 8 and not 8:30.  The Counseling Center does not have set session limits. Counselors try to find solutions to an issue that might occur as directly as possible. They do not try to determine how many sessions it will take.

“When people notice something in their life is not going the way they want it, that’s a perfect time to come in. We’re glad to make ourselves available as quickly as possible for people,” says Dr. Cox.

Another update about the Counseling Center is that for the first time Roanoke College will be participating in a national study called “The Healthy Minds Study”. Other schools that are participating include the University of Denver, Stanford University, and James Madison University. This year RC has joined the list.

RC has joined a coalition of several Virginia schools to partake in the study. The goal is to gather information to have a better understanding of mental health in college students in Virginia.

The study itself is in a survey form or a “needs assessment,” said Cox. This study will act as a “snapshot of what Roanoke College students need and enable the campus to provide better services to students,” said Cox.

An email will go out to all RC students listed in the college directory with an invitation to participate. The first email to be sent out is scheduled for Feb. 14, 2011, so everyone has a chance to respond before spring break.

There are no individual results and all responses are confidential. The responses get placed in a data pool where all identification is stripped so the results cannot be linked back to an individual. The results sent to the school will arrive during the summer and come back as a “lump sum of data,” said Cox.

The study will look at what problems students are having, how they interfere with their lives, and what would help them. The study will also examine not only how issues interfere with the academic success at RC, but, “more importantly what students hope to achieve out of life and what we can do to help them,” said Cox.

All who are interested are welcome to participate. The more people that participate in the study would give a much better idea of who students are, what is going on, and what the school can do to help them.

For more information about the study visit www.healthymindstudy.com or as a counselor for details.