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Super Bowl Sunday: Who ya got?


-Staff writer

With Super Bowl XIV coming up Feb. 6, who will you be rooting for this Sunday?

A rigorous four weeks of postseason matchups and it all comes down to this: Green Bay Packers and Pit Steelers.  A recent poll on Roanoke College campus showed that 60% of students predict the Steelers to win Super Bowl XIV.  The Steelers do have one formidable advantage: experience.

Pittsburgh’s starting defensive has an average age of 29, second oldest in the NFL. 

“We’re like fine wine.  We get better with age,” said Steeler’s tackle, Casey Hampton. 

Outstanding defensive players like Troy Polamalu and James Harrison both were awarded Defensive Player of the Year.  Can age be disregarded, or is it just a sign of experience?

The Steelers have 25 players with Super Bowl experience.  The Packers have only two, and one of those was on the Steeler’s practice team.  And who can forget “Big Ben.”  Ben Roethlisberger will be making his fourth Super Bowl appearance and already possesses two championship rings. 

The Packers will be facing an all-star Steelers defensive.  Is GB offense up for the job?

In the post-season, Packers were on lock.  Aaron Rodgers has the overall highest passer rating of 109.2 and racked up almost 800 yards.  GB is also home to running back, James Stark and wide receiver, Greg Jennings, the number one ranked passing and rushing players in the post season.

“The Steelers are not looking for MVP awards and standings,” said Roethlisberger on Media Day.  “To me at the end of the day it is about wins and losses and championships.  I am not pretty when I play the game.” 

Some call Roethlisberger “sloppy,” and he will admit to it.  He has been sacked eight times already in post-season play and 32 times in the 2010 season. 

Roethlisberger is not “the boy next door,” as sports critics have called Rodgers, but then again, “Big Ben” does not wear imaginary championship belts.  The opposing quarterbacks have a differing style of play.  Roethlisberger has his raw talent, and Rodgers has his finesse.

The Super Bowl looks pretty evenly matched.  GB has a dominating offense with statistical points on their side, while Pit has a well-seasoned defense.  These two very different teams will make an interesting game.