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Top 10 Popular Songs For 2011


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The year of 2011 began with an immersion of new pop cultures, styles, and media, especially pertaining to music. In regard to 2010, music progressed in a multitude of ways. While a majority of the music that has been released in 2011 possesses catchy beats, and easily entices the listener, most teenagers and young adults say a great majority of the new music of our time has become mundane.

Often times, this is due to the repetitive beats and similar melodies in most of the popular music today.

Roanoke College student Nitra Eastby ’14 describes America’s Top 40 from the week of Jan. 24 to 30.

“There are way too many songs that sound the same and most of them are about the same thing. They have very similar tunes,” Eastby said.

The songs which were listed top ten in the America’s Top 40 included:

1. Katy Perry – Firework

2. Ke$ha – We R Who We R

3. Bruno Mars- Grenade

4. Pink – Raise Your Glass

5. Rihanna – What’s My Name fea. Drake

6. Rihanna – Only Girl (In the World)

7. Nelly- Just a Dream

8. Enrique Iglesias – Tonight fea. Ludacris

9. Black Eyes Peas – That time (Dirty Bit)

10. Chris Brown – Yeah 3x

While many songs have become generic over the last several years, one thing most of them do not lack is an ability to arouse the listener. Most recent songs have fun beats that make the excited and want to start dancing.

Sarah Jacobs ’13 provided input on the different sounds and meanings songs of this era have if the listener takes the time listen carefully. Pointing out in particular Ke$sh’s songs and style.

“Everybody says that Ke$ha sounds the same in each song, but if you listen she is trying to get different points across. Ke$ha’s “We R Who We R” describes not caring about social inhibition. It’s the same thing with Pink’s “Raise Your Glass”. Everyone can listen to the music and get something out of it. This is the kind of music you get pumped to while driving around town in the car. It’s enjoyable,” Jacobs said.