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Wild Willy Woo Woo Captivates RC


Staff Writer

Anyone who attended the Wild Willy Woo Woo magic show in The Cavern Saturday night got a good taste of illusions, comedy, and classic fun. Although the magician was a riot, Wild Willy Woo Woo is only his stage name. Bill Falk is his real name and he’s the step-father of Coleen Weber ’13 here at Roanoke College. Falk has been doing magic professionally since he was 15. After being discovered at age 16, he’s been doing shows mostly up and down the east coast.

“From New York to Florida,” Falk said.

A significant part of the act was the animal usage. Falk said that they get their animals from farms and his daughter hand raises them. Weber has been Falk’s assistant for ten years.

“It takes about a month for an animal to be comfortable being handled on stage,” Weber said.

Falk had countless tricks up his sleeve and included audience participation with each act. For each trick, the audience counted to three, yelled “Woo Woo,” or said abracadabra. Some of the most memorable moments were when a person was pulled from the audience to assist on stage. Over five of his acts involved volunteers. Falk said that the interaction with the audience is the best part.

The audience was definitely loving Falk’s charisma and comedic style.

“I didn’t come in with high expectations, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. I felt like a kid again,” said Johnny Camacho ‘12.

“I think that’s the coolest thing in the world. It’s a blessing really,” Falk said.

Falk’s humor especially stood out when he performed a stunt involving women’s panties. His face glowed with animation the entire night and he kept the audience laughing nonstop. Some of the audience members were also magicians. It seems that this would create pressure, but Falk saw it in a positive light. Having other magicians watching him is encouraging and he actually loves performing for them.

“You should be able to take any item and do something with it,” Falk said.

The show was an overall hit with the students who attended. If nothing else, everyone got one thing special out of the experience. One of the first acts was teaching the audience a simple magic trick, enabling each person to take a piece of Wild Willy Woo Woo with them. Hopefully, Wild Willy Woo Woo will be back next year with even more illusions to show us.