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Review: “Gnomeo and Juliet”


Managing Editor

“Gnomeo and Juliet” is the new animated modern twist on the classic Romeo and Juliet. I’m sure everyone’s thinking, how do you make Romeo and Juliet rated G? It is a tragic love story after all; not exactly the ideal children’s movie, but Disney and Rocket Pictures pulled it off. At first I was skeptical because Romeo and Juliet is probably one of my least favorite stories, but I love animated movies and gnomes so I thought I’d give it a shot. In the end I’d say it was a great movie! Do I think it ranks up there with Cars, Finding Nemo, and Toy Story, probably not, but it was a really cute movie. The most interesting part was finding out how they were able to twist this classic in a new way.

The movie starts out showing next door neighbors on Verona Drive, the Capulet and Montague households. Each neighbor has a back yard adorned with gnomes of either red or blue. Both sets of gnomes hate each other based on feuds that existed before both Juliet and Gnomeo were “born.” One day, young Juliet (Emily Blunt) spots a rare flower in a neighboring yard and decides to make it her mission to get that flower, making the red yard better than the blue yard. After disguising herself, she sets off on her mission to obtain this flower. Meanwhile, Gnomeo (James McAvory) disguises himself and heads out on a mission to attack the red yard’s lawn mower, but his plan fails and he is slung shot to the neighboring yard where Juliet happens to be fetching her flower.

While both are in disguise, they fall in love at first sight. While in this neighboring yard, they meet an abandoned pink flamingo yard ornament. Of course they come to the time when they find out they are supposed to hate each other, but continue their relationship. As the original story goes, the families’ feud and restraints are placed on their relationship. In the end, a great tragedy brings the two families together.