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Dear Sue,

I’m really into this guy, and I thought he was into me too.  For the last few weeks, I thought we were going out but I keep noticing his Facebook still says “single.”  Also, he seems to get a lot of texts from other girls. When I mention it, he just says I’m paranoid because they’re just friends. I don’t know what the deal is with our relationship, if there even is one. What should I do?


Lost Lover

Dear Lost Lover,

It is typical for college guys to be vague about relationships. They tend to not like putting labels on their affairs; however, it is not fair to you that he is unclear on where the relationship stands. People need to know these things. It is perfectly okay for you ask him flat out on what level you two are. You could just tell him you thought there was some progression in the relationship and you felt that it was explicit, but his status still says “single” on Facebook, so you’re feeling confused. But you don’t want to sound like a Facebook stalker, so be careful. Make sure you both are honest with each other and talk about where you want the relationship to go. If he just wants to fool around and you want a relationship, then it is not going to work. The most important part of dating is communication.  If you aren’t on the same page, things may go awry.  

Stay classy,

Sue Z. Maroon