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Break In At President’s House



Staff Writer

Tuesday evening, there was a break-in at RC President Michael Maxey’s home on Market Street.

There seemed to be no property damage to the home, and very little missing from inside.  Actually, the burglar didn’t take anything but the president’s now famous collection of bowties. Security cameras caught the person, but didn’t get a clear picture of his or her face.

No one knows what to do about the situation, as Campus Security and Salem Police are currently investigating.

The Brackety-Ack is asking that RC students and faculty get together and have a candlelight service for the bowties. Everyone is welcome to bring a bowtie to donate to the Michael Maxey bowtie fund, and they will be collected until we have reached the goal of over 150, which is how many the President originally had before the terrible incident occurred.

Police are combing the area for clues, but there were no prints or leads found yet and the police have no suspects at this time.

Luckily, Maxey was wearing the bowtie that his son gave him that evening when the break-in happened. It is his favorite one and has a lot of meaning to him.

The students are encouraged to be very cooperative and let Maxey know that you are thinking about him as he searches for his ties. If you find anything that might be helpful in the search, please contact the Brackety-Ack or Campus Safety. There is a reward available for the person who finds his tie collection.

Luckily, no one was hurt during the break-in and nothing else seems to have been taken from the home. Some speculate that Rooney took them, because he has been acting very sketchy and on edge since he was caught having an affair with the Hokie bird.