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Glenn Beck For President In 2012


News Editor

America is struggling through a dark time of economic uncertainty, cultural frustration, and throwing itself into foreign policy quagmires the likes of which no one has ever seen.  It looks obvious that President Barack Hussein Obama is not up to the job of governing.  His Keynesian stimulus package, his government takeover of the U.S. healthcare system, and liberty hating financial regulation bill are soiling this country.  His socialist values are not what the founding fathers would have envisioned for this Christian nation.

 Sadly, no one in the Republican Party has the slightest chance to defeat this monster communist in the 2012 presidential election.  With a lack of charisma from former governors Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty and Newt Gingrich’s many affairs, it becomes clear that nothing can be done to stop the Democrats ultimate mission of subverting the constitution to institute Shariah in its place.  At least, not until now.

  I encourage everyone to put soon sign a petition to endorse Fox News host and truth telling radio commentator Glenn Beck to run for president in 2012.  It is obvious he is the savior this nation has been waiting for.  With his chalkboard raids, he has decoded the Presidents secret plan by using a system linking the president to Stalin and Hitler.  Beck has not been afraid to call the president a racist, communist, a Nazi, and a terrorist sympathizer all in one show.

  Beck’s credentials also make him the most credible person to be president.  He never attended college nor has he held public office.  Plus, we know he can give speeches for an hour using props.  He is like Ross Perot only better.  With high quality politicians such as Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann at his side, there is nothing Beck cannot do.

 What would Beck’s policies be exactly?  Everything that President Obama is against.  With Beck as president, the federal government would stay out of everyone’s life.  No more wasteful government spending with programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Department of Education, and the Environmental Protection Agency.  Also, the U.S. would withdraw from all areas that soldiers exist, except for areas we think are vital our National Security.  Under President Beck, the libertarian paradise would become the law of the land.

 To make the ticket even better.  I think Donald Trump should join as vice president.  Both men were born in the U.S., unlike the current president.  Once their television contracts end, they are free to run for public office.  Please join me in getting these men to for president and vice president.  Only by electing television stars can the great problems of our time be solved.