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James Joins Coaching Staff



First he took his talents to South Beach, now he’s bringing his talents to Sunny Salem! The Roanoke College men’s basketball team has announced that two-time reigning NBA MVP Lebron James will join the coaching staff next season as an assistant to head coach Page Moir.

James, who is only 26 years old, said that he expects to be out of a job next season due to an impending NBA lockout, and enjoyed the thought of helping coach college athletes since he missed out of his own college days.  James would not be allowed to play since he lost his amateur status many years ago when Nike paid him to wear shoes, but getting to be on the coaches bench is the next best thing.

“I never got to enjoy the college life, so since I’m going to have so much free time next year, I decided to give it a try as a coach,” James said.

A huge deciding factor in his decision to come to Roanoke rather than a larger basketball program was James opportunity to coach alongside Moir, who is the winningest coach in ODAC history.  James also said that, even though the Blue Ridge Mountains are nothing like Miami, he is excited to leave the glamour of the big city and settle down for a short time.  As settled as one can be with an entourage of over 25, a group James said had to be at his side at all times.

James’s coming to campus has seen many mixed reviews among RC athletes, especially those from the Cleveland area.

“I wouldn’t play for that guy if you paid me!” RC guard Gilbert Dan said.  “The way he treated my Cavaliers was deplorable! We’ll win 50 championships without before we ever do with him.”

Still, having James on the sidelines for the Maroon’s has already proven to help with recruitment, memorabilia sales and ticket sales.  Every one of the men’s basketball home game has been sold out for next season, while the RC bookstore has seen a surge in sales of clothing, hats and basketballs with James’ likeness next to the RC logo.