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Researchers At RC Count Bricks


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While on a tour of the Roanoke College Campus last June, researcher Dr. Matthew Gray speculated on the amount of bricks around the school’s campus.

He stated shortly thereafter that taking the entirety of the bricks –including those on the walks—would result in the bricks wrapping around the world 7 times. Since then, multiple theorists internationally have taken notice of this statement.

“We are intrigued by this bold speculation. Dr. Gray is a top scientist and has rarely been wrong in his theories,” Gray’s colleague Marsha Timbleton said.

Timbleton and a team of eight other scientists have petitioned the school to allow them to test this statement. As of now it looks like they are winning.

“If all goes well, the testing of the strength of this statement will begin July 18,” Timbleton said.

This means the team will begin pulling up bricks while students are home over break and begin the process of placing them end-to-end and wrapping them around the world.             The scientists are still somewhat unsure of how to connect the bricks once they have been pulled up.

“We have specialists all over the world waiting for a shipment of bricks. Lining up bricks over bodies of water will be our biggest challenge,” Timbleton said.

Still, the scientists are determined to test this theory

“Matthew Gray is a renowned researcher. We look forward to assisting him in his endeavors,” Timbleton said.

Once this experiment is completed, the bricks will be returned to the campus.

“We anticipate disappointment from the student body. We know this process will be difficult for them, but the experiment should not take more than a year and a half to complete. Cooperation on the part of the student body will only result in quicker completion of this test.” Timbleton said.

This means the academic school year will be suspended for the amount of time it takes to complete the project. The school is attempting to work out a way to refund or defer deposits made by students for the 2011-2012 school year. Teachers will be given leave for the duration of this time.

Images will be taken before construction begins to ensure each brick gets placed back in the same spot they were taken from.