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“5 1/2 Comedies” a good show


Staff Writer

Theater Roanoke College premiered their spring production on April 6 in Olin Hall. They performed the “5 ½ Comedies” by David Ives. This production allowed several talented performers to be featured. With so few characters in each comedy, the actors were really exposed and had to convey humor without the usual support. Never the less, their attempts were well received.  The comedies provided a variety of humor, incorporated with material and concepts for diverse schools of thought.

In the comedy “Words, Words, Words”, literary legends John Milton, Jonathan Swift, and Franz Kafka were represented as chimps in the classic debate of whether or not contained primates can reproduce Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”.

This production also demonstrated other talents in accents and languages. Doug Dressler ’11 had to learn both a Russian and Scottish accent for his roles “Words, Words, Words” as well as in “The Blizzard”. Charles Mosher ’13 had to master his very own language in an amazing tongue–twisting fashion in “The Universal Language”.

The half comedy of the three was “Mody-Dick; or the Three-Minute Whale.”  It highlighted Johnny Camacho ’12 on opening night as a surfer dude who wants to get Advanced Placement in English based on his three-minute evaluation of Moby-Dick.  His delivery  added to the chimerical notion that a surfer dude can know as much about Moby-Dick as a college English professor.

“Seven Menus” featured an array of talent. Katherine Jones ’14 brightened up the mysterious scene with her delightfully sunny Georgia drawl, and Ariel Bettis ’13 exemplified some well-executed wit and dry humor.  The story, with the restaurant meant to represent the seven lives of man, illustrates the humor that goes along with many of the relationships we have in our lives.

The crowd appeared to love the show.  There were many laughs when things got heated in “The Universal Language” with Kristen Hodges ’11 and Mosher, and many loved the tribute to New Jersey in “Mere Mortals”.

“I’d give it 5 ½ stars,” said Ciara Sims ’14.

It was a solid way to end TRC’s productions for the academic year, and a good way for students to ease stress before exams.