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Golf Team Ranked 67th in Nation, 5th in ODAC


Staff Writer

Although the Roanoke golf team has no official conference standing, they are currently ranked number 67 in the nation.

Brandon Ketron ’12 notes that the team’s scoring average is 308.4, which puts the team 5th in the conference behind Guilford, Bridgewater, Randolph-Macon and Hampden-Sydney.

 “We have some work to do before our conference tournament April 16-19th,” Ketron said.

Ketron says the hardest thing about playing golf is juggling school and the sport. The golf team generally is gone Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for their tournaments.

“It takes a lot of extra work to be prepared for class and make up work when you are gone so much,” Ketron said.

 The golf team will also put a lot of work towards their goal of winning the ODAC.

 Five players play in a tournament and four of their scores count. Many of the players are returning from last year, in addition to several freshmen just added to the team this season. The adjustment for the underclassmen is the hardest part of college golf.

“We help the underclassmen get adjusted to the new environment of college and learn how to effectively manage their time,” Ketron said. “It is a big adjustment coming into college golf.  The courses are much harder and longer.  You have to really think your way through a course and not just go out there and play.”

Those who have played the courses before help the underclassmen understand where they should and should not to hit the ball.

The team has the most trouble putting together three good rounds of golf.

“We seem to play really good for two rounds and then one of the three is terrible which puts us out of contention,” Ketron said.  “We are working hard to be able to close a tournament and string three rounds together so we can win at ODAC.”

 The golfers strategize by playing practice rounds and visualizing hole locations before a tournament. The players also talk in between holes if there is a challenging shot on the green or putt approaching.

 The ODAC course will be very challenging and very competitive for the team, but the improvement of the upperclassmen throughout this season will help the team succeed.

 “Just helping each other relax and not put too much pressure on ourselves really goes a long way,” Ketron said.

The conference tournament will be held April 16-19 in Cape Charles, VA at Bay Creek Golf Club.