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Roanoke Recruits Far Beyond Its Borders, Proving an Asset to LAX

photo: Matt Burkhead
photo: Matt Burkhead

Staff Writer

The Roanoke College lacrosse team consists of many young players, all from very different walks of life. Several of our players came to Roanoke with a different view of the game of lacrosse.

Sophomore Richard Lachlan ’13, and freshman Troy Grogan ’14, are originally from Canada and were recruited to play for Roanoke in high school.

Both grew up playing lacrosse from a young age, but a form of lacrosse called box lacrosse. Box lacrosse is an indoor game played on a hockey rink without the ice.

“Box and field lacrosse are so different. Box lacrosse is definitely more intense,” Lachlan said.

“Home is a total different place,” Grogan said. “Playing box lacrosse at home is my favorite. The entire town is there to watch every game; the games are high intensity, and fights during the game.”

While playing in tournaments in the states, Lachlan said, his old coach tipped him off to Roanoke and the lacrosse program.

“I really had no idea about the tradition and fast paced style of lacrosse until my official visit,” Lachlan said. “What really made me want to play here is that the fast paced run and gun style really suited my playing style.

“You will never find a field lacrosse game back at home with the amount of fans you will find here at Roanoke,” Grogan said.

Grogan had never visited Roanoke before coming to school here, but knew he wanted to play lacrosse at the college level.  After talking to Head Coach Bill Pilat, he knew Roanoke was the place to play. Another Canadian-born player, Brayden Gerrie ‘13, also encouraged Grogan to attend RC.

Both Lachlan and Grogan also play box lacrosse for teams back home when they are there during breaks. Lachlan played for his provincial team British Colombia and really enjoyed it. Grogan plays for the Orangeville Northmen Jr. box team and the Orangeville Generals U19 field team. Playing at Roanoke has allowed both men to grow in their skills and enjoyment of lacrosse.

“I thought I knew everything about field lacrosse until I came here,” Lachlan said. “I keep learning new tricks and ways to improve my game.”

“I love playing ball here at Noke,” Grogan said. “The guys here are great and so are the coaches. The team is like a huge family, the amount of time we spend with each other over the year is a lot of fun and you learn so much about everyone.”

“Playing for Coach Pilat has been an interesting experience. I came here playing midfield and the second week of Fall Ball, coach told me I was playing defense. I gave it a shot and ended up starting a couple games. Who knows what’s next?”

Grogan hopes to continue improving in lacrosse here at Roanoke before returning home.

“Roanoke lacrosse is different from many programs in the United States; a game on a Wednesday night under the lights in Sunny Salem is a dream come true,” Grogan said.

He also noted his excitement for the recruits next year and continuing to play on a young team that allows many people to have a chance to start. Being able to shape a young team over several years will allow the lacrosse team to continue to consistently work towards the ODAC and NCAA championships.

Richard Lachlan has enjoyed his experiences at Roanoke, and says he continues to strive to assist the team to reach the championships.

“My experience playing on RC’s team has been awesome so far. I love the winning tradition here and hope it keeps on going,” Lachlan said.

The next game the men play is a home game Saturday against Hampden-Sydney College.