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The End of an Era: The “Harry Potter” Saga Concludes With Final Movie


Entertainment Editor

I don’t know about anyone else, but my childhood ended on July 15, 2011. Why, you
ask? The final part of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”
premiered in theaters. Having been obsessed with the book series since it was
first published in 1997, this is a bit depressing to me.

This being said, I was quite pleased with how the last movie concluded the series.
Unlike previous movies, very few things were left out of the movie that were
originally in the book. The first part somehow managed to explain how Bill
Weasley became a werewolf, one of the many things that should have been
included at the end of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”. I
liked the fact that the second part of DH included the scene in the Forbidden
Forrest where Harry encounters the spirits of his parents, Sirius Black, and
Remus Lupin. I thought that the movie would have left this out for more
important scenes, but I’m glad that they included it, as it is the last time
that Harry can see his loved ones that have passed away.

The one thing that I am disappointed with is how little Dumbledore’s past is
explored. The book spends a great deal of time explaining Dumbledore’s history
and his family life and even how he was connected to Gellert Grindelwald. The
only thing mentioned of his sister Ariana is when Harry, Ron, and Hermione meet
Dumbledore’s brother, Aberforth, and find her in the portrait. Movie-going fans
of the series won’t understand why Dumbledore acted the way he did and how it
affected his relationship with Harry because it was left out of the movies.

Unlike with the first part, I feel that this film was very action-packed. Perhaps this
is because the trio (Harry, Ron, and Hermione) have already finished the
endless chapters where all they do is camp out in various forests, but it was
nice to see some actual action and fight sequences. The scene where Hogwarts
students are defending the castle is shown almost exactly as I had envisioned it
and it very accurately portrayed the chaos that was ensuing.

I felt that the film did an excellent job playing on viewer’s emotions for the
more serious scenes. I felt that Mrs. Weasley’s anger was shown very well when
she killed Bellatrix Lestrange, which the viewers in my theater enjoyed very
much. I know that I personally cried for a vast majority of the second half of
the film, as this is where all of my favourite characters die. Snape’s death
and his memories are depicted very well and I could really get a sense of how
he cared for Harry’s mother. The scene where Tonks and Lupin’s bodies are shown
was nicely done as well, as they are shown trying to hold each other’s hands,
but come just short of being able to do so.

The special effects were phenomenal, especially when the Order of the Phoenix were
casting spells to protect Hogwarts from Voldemort and the Death Eaters. I loved
how the spells appeared in a kind of liquid form as they formed the shield
around Hogwarts. I felt that the fighting effects in Gringotts when the trio
was trying to break into Bellatrix Lestrange’s vault were very good,
considering the type of fighting that was occurring. The effects for the dragon
were very nicely done, as well, especially during the part where the dragon breaks
out of Gringotts.

Unlike many of the viewers, I was not satisfied with the way that Harry defeated
Voldemort. I felt that it was done way too fast, so fast that the viewers
didn’t really have a chance to allow Harry’s victory to sink in. I feel the it
would have been a little better if Harry had said something to the extent of,
“It’s finally over.” To me, this would have portrayed Harry’s relief
over the fact that he no longer had to continue hunting down the man who had
murdered his parents.

The one thing that really made the movie for me was not the action or the dialogue
or the special effects. It was the fact that the same music was played in the
epilogue that was originally played at the end of “Harry Potter and the
Sorcerer’s Stone” when Harry is leaving Hogwarts to go back to the
Dursley’s. This may not seem like much to some people, but I liked the fact
that the movie that ended the series connected back to the movie that started
it all.

The final part of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” was an excellent
way of finishing the series. There’s a good balance of action and plot
development, which is very hard to achieve in films and the epilogue was
performed in a way that made me feel at least a little better about the fact
that the series had ended.