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CAB events for the year


Michael Watts

Staff writer

The Campus Activities Board plans events every Friday and Saturday of the school year.

This past week, the club sponsored a beach party in the Colket Center.  CAB also works to put on RC After Dark every Friday night as an activity for students to get out and have fun while still on campus.

The Board strives for fun and entertaining activities for the students at Roanoke College. CAB hosts RC Family Weekend every year during the fall semester.  This year, they have made arrangements for The Evansons, a group of psychics to come and demonstrate their mystical abilities to students and their families.

CAB tries to the best of their ability to plan events in which students are interested by contacting students and listening to their ideas. However, due to strict budget cuts, CAB will not be able to host any top billboard performances this year.

“Roanoke College is a small college, and thus our event programing budget, as large as it may be, is not as large as it needs to be in order to support a ‘big name’ concert in addition to weekly programing,” said Katrina Klaus ’12, Student Director of CAB.

Larger colleges, such as Virginia Tech, will have more such “big name” performers instead of smaller colleges, such as Roanoke.

“Roanoke is not the only school that is faced with budgetary restrictions,” Klaus said. “Other schools with our size face the same issue.”

RC students seem to be happy with the work CAB does, even without the promise of a big name on campus.

“I think that CAB does a nice job of providing diverse activities for all different tastes,” said Johnny Camacho ’12. “I don’t really expect for a school the size of Roanoke to have a big act. Fortunately, with the Civic Center so nearby, [big acts] can still be seen.”

“[CAB] does a good job with promoting with the activities they plan. However, getting people to come to the events is a big issue,” said Hannah Mauk ’14 and Katie Holland ’14, “[We] think CAB would be more successful in their smaller endeavors if they have a big name act.”