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Freshman stabbed at Bowie State University


Morgan Minyard

Staff writer

Last week was homecoming week at Bowie State University in Maryland. But students were not in the mood to celebrate after learning about a fellow student who was murdered Thursday, September 15, on campus.

The University cancelled a scheduled pep rally and classes for that week due to the homicide.

This past Thursday a freshman at the college, Alexis Simpson, was charged with allegedly killing her roommate Dominique Frazier, only three days before Frazier’s 19th birthday. Police believe that Simpson stabbed Frazier while in their dorm over a disagreement concerning music on an iPod.

Onlookers said there was music playing from the shared suite style bathroom, Simpson went to shut it off, and then began to argue with Frazier. Witnesses say that Simpson grabbed a sharp object and began swinging it at Frazier and then allegedly stabbed her. Hall mates tried to break up the argument, but were unsuccessful.

Simpson reportedly went on to say that she, “didn’t mean to do it.”

“You all don’t know what I’ve been through. You all jumped me,” Simpson said.

At this moment the object that Frazier was murdered with is still unknown to the public, but witnesses reportedly said that it was a knife.

Frazier’s body was found just outside of her dorm room. She was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Meanwhile Simpson reportedly fled campus and then later turned herself in to the police.

Hall mates have reported that the two roommates had not been getting along since almost the day they moved in together. Hall mates also said that one of the girls even sent in a request for a new hall and a new roommate. The two lived together less than a month before things quickly turned violent. Students do not know if the age difference caused the two to disagree; Simpson is considered a college freshman because she does not have enough completed credits to be considered a sophomore. Both girls were Business Administration majors.

The University and its students are mourning the loss of Frazier, while wondering why things turned violent so rapidly. The University stated that they are going to implement a new program to help students cope with roommate disagreements, so that something like this will not erupt again in the future. As of now there are grief counselors on campus available to all staff and students. Police are further investigating the situation.