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Volleyball team full of potential


Haley Shircliff

Staff Writer

The women’s volleyball team this year is off to a good start. Their overall record so far this season is 3-9 Conference: 1-1 Home: 1-0 Away: 0-4 Neutral: 2-5.

“You can’t see it in the record, but during practice you can tell we’re a strong team,” said Kelsey Largen ’12.

As the season is progressing, there is more promise to where the team can go.

“We have a lot of potential. It’s gonna take a lot of hard work because there are a lot of good teams out there. We either match teams in skill level or are better than them,” said Tiffany Cassidy ’15.

The talent is there, but the mental game is where the team begins to crumble.

“We just let things get to us during the game,” says Cassidy.

This year’s team has many more freshman players than in recent years; about half the team are freshman players.

“This year everyone gets long with each other and is getting to know everyone. In previous years we just played well together, so hopefully we can be stronger than before. Winning comes with experience,” said Rachel Hawkins ’12.

“Averret Invitational Tournament to the Greensboro Tournament, we made improvements. We got to play two teams that we had faced the weekend before. The first time we played them we didn’t get the outcome we wanted but the second we made improvements and worked better together,” Hawkins ’12 said.

With each match the team grows stronger mentally and bonds tighter. As the season progresses they hopefully will win more and more matches so they can get a good ranking at ODAC.

The team is feeling confident about ODAC, but anything can happen once they get to this final tournament. ODAC is a conference for Division III sports. Depending on how a team ranks during the season, the teams get ranked in ODAC. The goal is to be ranked higher so that the team plays a lower ranked team, giving them a better chance of making it to the next round. The winner of ODAC moves on the NCAA.

The next home volleyball match will be Tuesday, October 4th 6:3o against Bridgewater College in the Bast Center. The Maroon Invitational will be October 7th to October 8th. Stop by the next volleyball match and show your support!