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Review: The Playboy Club


Madhura Chitnavis

Staff Writer

The Playboy Club, a new NBC series about the early years of the Playboy Industry, is not all what it appears to be.  Although cleavage, infidelity, and sex are ever-present, there is some depth and intrigue to the show due to the presence of the mafia and other notable social issues.

Maureen, played by Amber Heard, is the newest and cutest bunny on the block, but that does not come without unwanted attention.  After accidentally killing off the head mobster of the Chicago mafia with the help of Nick Dalton, played by Eddie Cibrian, a prominent key holder at The Playboy Club, Maureen has to watch her back, not from just the mafia but from her “bunny mother” and idol, Carol-Lynne, played by Laura Benanti. Carol-Lynne also happens to be Nick Dalton’s ex-girlfriend, who only broke up with him because she thought there was something between Nick and Maureen.

As mentioned before, there is more to The Playboy Club than just sex.  The pilot episode surprisingly managed to include notable social issues from the 1960s including gay rights. One of Maureen’s bunny co-workers is a gay rights activist and ironically enough her husband happens to be having an affair with a man.  To put it plainly, the characters make the show worth something more than the “Playboy” concept.

Maureen, the protagonist beauty is actually quite conservative for a bunny.  In fact, she’s only in the business to further her career as an entertainer.  And then there’s the charming Nick Dalton who is sure to intrigue many viewers because of his dark and mysterious past.  This defense attorney may work for the law, but he is willing to get his hands dirty, especially when there is a woman in a bunny costume involved.

Overall, NBC has an interesting show on its hands.  Although I anticipate it won’t do very well due to its controversial topic, it has intrigued me enough to watch it at least for the next few episodes.  The Playboy Club airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.