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Facebook changes again


Morgan Minyard

Staff writer

 Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, announced that the new profile page design Facebook Timeline will be launched in late Sept. or early Oct. 2011 at Facebook’s F8 conference.

“Facebook Timeline changes the default profile from a list of your most recent updates to a complete summary of your entire life since birth. It includes photos, videos, status updates and locations you have visited. Timeline uses an algorithm to assess the most important moments of your life, which can then be edited to your satisfaction. Unwanted updates can be hidden from the Timeline,” Zuckerberg said.

Facebook calls these grand changes an effort to “Recover the Past.”

“The reality is that the story of most people’s lives in Facebook’s Timeline will be a relatively short one. If they joined in 2008, then they have a three year history. If they joined last week, well, they’re just babies, in Facebook Timeline terms,” Lance Ulanoff, writer for Mashable.com, said.

The new Facebook profile will be divided into two main columns, with a line down the middle representing the passage of time. Users are encouraged to add life events which were not captured by Facebook.

“Those with the richest histories, though, probably aren’t even on Facebook or very active in the service. They likely see Facebook as an inconsequential bother that they’d rather ignore. Timeline, which honestly looks more complex than current profiles, certainly won’t encourage 75-year-old Aunt Mae to share her childhood pictures and stories of growing up poor in Romania,” Ulanoff said.

Facebook will now be able to time-line each and every status, photo, shared content, “likes” and every other interaction people have made on the site in chronological and clickable format, which could anger some people. Perhaps some will not want to revisit certain moments in their life when they were acting on impulse and sending an angry message to someone or even posting a status posted via iPhone in anger which ended up causing a fight amongst friends.

Facebook Timeline is going to be Facebook’s biggest redesign so far. It completely redefines what a social network is and how people have come to know it today.  Facebook made Timeline available for testing on Sept. 22, 2011. So far the reply to the new layout has received a mixed response. Some people absolutely love the new changes, and for others it will take some getting used to. This may be Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s biggest risk since launching the social network in 2004.

Facebook Timeline has yet to be launched to all of its 800 million users.