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Field hockey starts season strong


Kathleen Fountain

Staff writer


The field hockey team is starting the season strong with a 2-1 win in their recent ODAC game. They have won three games so far this season, which is tied with their 2008 season.

 “Overall our team’s ability is getting higher and more competitive than in the past”, said senior Lee Sheldon, ’12.

 Cohesiveness within the team is aiding with better field performance.  Senior Abby Bjork says cohesiveness was one of the issues that kept the team from being as successful as they wanted to be.

 “Since last year our attitude toward everything is much more positive and our playing skills have improved,” said senior Abby Bjork, ’12.

 Staying focused during practice and working on stick skills is a big key to the team’s success. Meshing defense and offense and working on transitioning from one to the other is a big focus for the team this season. Working on these things will yield better control in the game in both of these facets.

 “The team is trying to work on its goal scoring techniques on offense while maintaining a solid defense. We are focusing on moving the ball up quicker and passing into lanes for better scoring opportunities,” said Sheldon, ’12.

 Sheldon also says spreading the playing field out and utilizing all of the players is important. The team has 10 new freshmen this year they are hoping will make a difference in their game.

 “Once we get the ball rolling we really work well together on the field. Our team has such fun, amazing girls and I really think each one of them adds something great to the team,” says Bjork, ’12.

 With their 3 wins under their belt, the team is pushing full steam ahead into the rest of the season. There are 8 games before the ODACS, 5 of which are conference games. The goal is to win these 5 games and secure a good position for the playoffs and with their stringent conditioning and drive, the team hopes to achieve this. 

 The mental game is what is also challenging for this team. Many of the competitors seem daunting when looking at the lineup but Abby Bjork says pulling the team out of this frame of mind is the key to gaining success.

 “We have everything that a team needs to be successful, so we just can’t back down.  We are in it as a team and we are going to make it far. With our energy and hunger for wins, we can do it. Team unity is very important to me and I want everyone to feel like this is a second family,” said Bjork, ’12.

 Despite a recent loss against Lynchburg College, the team is looking ahead to other schools such as Washington & Lee and a Division 1 team Liberty University.

 “We will have to step up our game and I think we will be playing even better by the time the W&L game comes along,” said Sheldon, ’12.

 “We want to prove to everyone that the Roanoke Field Hockey team is a winning team,” said Bjork ’12.  

 The next home game the team has is against Bridgewater College on Wednesday the 12th, at 4 o’clock.