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Golf team finishes 9th


Kathleen Fountain

Staff writer

Last week the golf team finished 9th at the Ted Keller Memorial tournament. They have an upcoming tournament this weekend in Suffolk that they have been preparing steadily for.

“Our biggest problem is consistency. We have all the skills we need we just need to play consistently and play strong,” said senior Rob Pepi, ’12.

He gives the team this year a “C”. While the actual ODAC tournaments are played in the spring, this season will show the team where they are and where they need to improve before then.

These last few tournaments the team has not had a consistent line up in order to give the freshmen on the team a chance to get their feet wet playing at a college level.

The team has a lot of confidence in its abilities, which often translates into a weakness for them. This confidence leads many of the players to take risky shots and not play the green as smart as they could.

“Having confidence doesn’t always work out. What we really need is everyone playing well at the same time,” said Pepi, ’12.

There is a fair bit of fluctuation when it comes to the team’s performance. Sometimes there are dramatic ups and downs when playing tournaments.

“We need to understand that when we have a bad shot it doesn’t mean the round is over. If that happens we need to be able to move forward with the positive mind set and confidence we came into the round with,” Pepi said.

The team has moved to a new course this year, which has nicer facilities and enables the team to work on different parts of the game they haven’t been able to before. This really helps with the outlook on the season because of not limiting the range of what they are able to practice gives the guys a boost. Practicing on a new and better green enables the team to see where their strengths and weaknesses are and work on them from a less restricted angle.

These fall tournaments allow the team to prepare for the spring when they go up against Guilford College, which is ranked number one in the nation. After this weekend’s tournament the team heads to Greensboro to play in the Tom & Bettie O’Briant Memorial.