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Letter to the Editor


Associate Dean Jennifer Berenson

Chair, Academic Integrity Council

I would like to thank the Brackety-Ack and especially staff writer Madeline Hooker for taking the time to run an article on the academic integrity (AI) system at RC.  I do need to clarify one or two points from the article, however.  All academic integrity charges result in a hearing where the case is evaluated by members of the Academic Integrity Council.  While students may meet with the professor beforehand, that meeting cannot substitute for a formal hearing where a neutral group has the opportunity to weigh the evidence, decide if a violation has occurred, and determine the appropriate penalty.  While it is true that professors, as a whole, do not enjoy bringing charges against students, students do need to realize that professors at RC have an obligation to report suspected cases of AI violations to the Council.  We will be conducting an evaluation of the AI system this year, so watch your inbox for a survey.