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Parking Restrictions


Madeline Hooker

Staff writer

Over the past two years, RC has made many parking updates on campus. A parking task force comprised of students, faculty, and staff members regularly meets to study campus parking, and make recommendations to further improve the parking conditions.

New parking zones were implemented for the 2011-2012 school year. These zones are classified by color and include blue, yellow, maroon, and green lots. Blue lots are designated for commuter students and those who live on Elizabeth Campus. Yellow lots are for residential students and maroon lots are used by faculty and staff members. Lastly, the green lots are reserved for visitors 7 days a week.

Certain times restrict students to park in their specified lots. Students may park in the maroon lots from 5 pm to 2 am on Monday-Thursday and from 5 pm on Fridays until 2 am on Monday. Residential students are allowed to park in the blue lots from 5 pm until 2 am on Monday-Thursday and from 5 pm on Fridays until 2 am on Monday.

The recent addition of hybrid and low emission parking places has been implemented on campus.

“[RC] has adopted several environmentally responsible initiatives over the past few years that are common at other colleges and universities including a campus recycling program, a bike share program, and trayless dining,” said Brian Chisom, Assistant Dean of Students.

These parking spaces are located near the Bast Center and are served to,

“promote pollution reduction through the use of alternative-fueled vehicles,” said Chisom. The creation of these parking spaces ties into the LEED certification process for the new residential hall. These spaces are reserved for students and faculty with hybrid vehicles and parking permits.

New parking changes happen often on campus.

“Campus officials monitor the parking system on a regular basis and make adjustments deemed necessary to better serve the campus community,” said Tom Turner, Director of Campus Safety.  Large capital projects such as the construction of new residence halls often require new parking adjustments. Such projects include the Market Street Complex, CAR complex, Chesapeake Hall, Afton Apartments, Kerr Stadium, and the new Peery Dr. entrance and the Hawthorn Rd. parking lot.

RC relies on several different departments and people to help coordinate the parking system. The Parking Advisory Committee offers recommendations to the administration in regard to parking enhancements and the Office of Campus Safety issues parking permits as well as overseeing enforcement. The Business Office is in charge of billing collections while the Dean of Students Office handles parking appeals.

The RC community relies on these parking systems to make the college a safer and more efficient environment for both students and faculty.