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5th annual president’s ball has record attendance


Francesca LoSardo

Staff writer

Mike and Terri Maxey hosted their fifth annual President’s ball last Saturday night.

The ball was held in the Colket Center, which was transformed to meet the very sleek theme of “A Black and White Affair.” Each floor and each room was varied between food and entertainment for all to enjoy. There were all kinds of things from dancing to a chocolate fountain. It was night of true entertainment for the staff, faulty, and student.

On the main level of the Colket Center, you were immediately greeted by a check in table. Guest of legal drinking age could purchase tickets for beer and wine.

The Sutton Commons became a stage for local artists to perform their acoustic sets.

In the Pickle Lounge were desserts, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, but, more famously, the chocolate fondue fountain.

On the second floor of the Colket Center, throughout the mezzanine, was a wide variety of delicious food.

In the Wortmann Ballroom was a live band that played music ranging from Sinatra to the 80s. Plenty of people were dancing around and enjoying each other’s company.

Last but not least, the lower level, where most students were found dancing to DJ Lil Fos. The cavern was transformed into its own dance club where many enjoyed current hits and dance music. There was also a photographer in the lower level where you could snap a picture with all your friends or your date.

Many students in attendance said the Cavern club was the best part of the night.

“It was fun. I never like how crowded the Cavern gets and at one point there was nowhere to dance, but my favorite part is always dancing in the Cavern,” said Caitlin Connolly ’12.

Connolly has attended the ball all four of her years at Roanoke.

The fifth annual president’s ball was a true hit, reaching a higher attendance record that the previous years. Over 120 staff and faculty attended this year’s ball, along with 40% of the freshman class, 31% of the seniors, 29% of the sophomores, and 27% of the juniors.

“It was a good time,” said Jay Graham ’13. “Music was on point on all floors this year.”