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Jacob Andrews

News editor

-On the second month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street Protest, 400 were arrested.  More than 1,000 protestors rallied at the New York Stock Exchange and sat in the streets and intersections. Most of the arrests were for obstruction of traffic, although seven NYPD Officers were injured.

-Lying about personal information on social media sites like Facebook and Google+ falls under the newly amended federal law concerning computer fraud. Breaking any of the Terms and Conditions contracted under these sites can be prosecuted as fraud.

-Federal legislators pass a bill that categorizes pizza as a vegetable, the 2-teaspoons of tomato paste are the conditions met to tip the bill. The motivation behind the bill is to cut cost on public school lunches. Each school lunch must have a certain number of vegetables and changing this law makes it easier for the schools to achieve this.

-21-year-old Ortega-Hernandez was arrested and charged with attempted assassination after firing shots and hitting the White House on November 17. Police heard reports of a suspicious person around Constitution Ave. The man was apprehended in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

-South Park creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, strike while the iron is hot and take a shot at the recent Penn State sex scandal.

-James Madison University suffers the loss of three students and one faculty member. The student body has organized a “purple-out,” where all students are encouraged to wear their school colors in remembrance of the loss.

– The Roanoke Valley community takes initiative to create a documentary of local veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. This series focuses on soldiers handicapped by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and its local treatment in Salem.

-After the alleged sex scandal, Herman Cain became the first 2012 GOP candidate to receive secret service protection.

-If Congress fails to pass a $1.2 trillion debt settlement, the federal government will have to cut public programs, which includes Medicaid. The committee is responsible for creating a settlement by December 23.