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B-ball players visit middle school


Kathleen Fountain

Staff writer

  Earlier this week several members of the men’s basketball team traveled to Andrew Lewis Middle School to speak to some of the students there.

 Adam Kessler ’12, one of the players who participated, said the team really didn’t want to lecture the students about what they should or shouldn’t be doing, but bring back the feeling he had as a student of how cool it was to have older athletes come to his school and talk about life as a college player.   

“I just wanted to talk to them and find out more about them,” Kessler said.        

He wanted to talk to them because he remembers the feelings he had being in their shoes and wanting to play college basketball. Working hard to get something they want was the message he hoped to leave with them. Hard work, Kessler said, was how he was able to get where he is today.

“They should know that if they really want something, and are willing to work for it, they too can get to where they want to be,” Kessler said.

He says the experience really made him realize how lucky he is to be playing college basketball. He admitted that he takes it for granted sometimes. The reaction of the students to his being at the school really impacted his views on his college career.

“After seeing how a lot of those kids looked up to us, especially the athletes, it made me realize how lucky I am,” Kessler said.

The men’s basketball team is a young team this year. They lost 5 seniors last season and have a lot of new faces. Head Coach Page Moir asserts they are good prospects and help perform key roles in positioning.

“We’re starting slow but we’re excited about the young kids. They provide great possibilities for the future of the team,” Moir said.

Adam Kessler and Logan Singleton ’12, are the two seniors on the team this year, both of whom Coach Moir is confident can provide the team with good leadership for a successful season.

The men’s basketball team has a conference game at home on Saturday December 3rd in the Bast Center starting at 1 pm and a game the following week in Winchester against Shenandoah University beginning at 2 pm.