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December game reviews


Nate Rioux

Staff writer

Ah December, one of the coldest months of the year.

Dec 6: The Adventures of Tintin:  Yes the comic book that we have all come to love finally hits the big screen. The game follows the upcoming movie and comes out on all platforms.  There is however rumors that this game will be delayed due to budget constraints.

Dec 20: Star wars: The Old Republic: Bioware’s massive game, Star Wars takes us back to the old universe. Ever since this game was announced at E3 of last year, the game has received nothing but constant media attention.   The game has gone through several updates based on feedback from the beta test community so this should be one of the best MMO’s on the market today. In fact this may be a huge contender to the World of Warcraft game. Only downside to this game, a subscription fee to play is required. This game comes is only being sold for the computer.

Now since there are not many games this month, let’s look at next year’s first quarter batch:

Planetside 2: Sony’s Massive Multiplayer First Person Shooter hybrid is back for a second installment. The game was speculated to come out sometime this year but the official announcement came August of this year confirming that the game will indeed come out sometime in 2012. Playable platforms and price has yet to be announced.

Rainbow Six: The tactical shooter monster is back but there is no word on when this game will hit stores. The game was officially announced when footage of the game was leaked onto the Internet. Developing studios Ubisoft quickly retracted the video and posted up their own teaser trailer featuring the leaked video. Now the trailer claims to be not official footage but if the gameplay is going to be half as good, this game will surely be a fantastic game to play.


Well that wraps up this years year in gamming, hope next year’s games are just as fun as this year’s were. Game on.