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RC Choir and Orianna Singers prepare to enlighten the holiday season through song


Kaitlyn Bell

Staff writer

As the end of the fall semester approaches, many Roanoke College activities are finishing off with a bang. One of these events is the 27th annual “Lessons and Carols of Christmas” concert that the Roanoke College Choir and Oriana Singers have been practicing for throughout the semester. The Roanoke College Choir and Orianna Singers, the all-female choir, directed by Dr. Sandborg, have arranged several wonderful pieces for this year’s concerts. The concerts will take place on Sunday, December 4th at 3pm and 5pm. The concert will be performed at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, a breathtaking atmosphere for performing melodies of any kind, especially during the Christmas season.

To encourage students and friends to attend the concert, a few members of the both choirs gave their input to this year’s upcoming concert pieces. Tayler Kiser ’14, a member of Orianna, explains that the Orianna singers have practiced all semester for this long awaited performance. There are 7 pieces that Orianna will be performing during the recital. These performances range from the traditional Christmas carols and some very unique, harmonious pieces as well.

“We’re singing O’ Holy Night and it has always been a favorite of mine. I like the melody to it and I think everyone should come,” Kiser said.

Jennie Blaney ’14, describes the pieces that the Roanoke College Choir will be performing for the concert as well. Blaney mentions several ethnically diverse Christmas songs. She explains that an African piece called Noel will be sung by the choir comprised of more than 50 Roanoke College students. Blaney explains that the uniqueness of this piece is something that she hopes many get to see and enjoy due to the call and response nature of the song as well as the distinctive setup of the performance. Alongside with unique songs such as these, there will be more traditional pieces as well.

“We’ve been working all semester so this is our first opportunity to share it with the community; not only the school, but a lot of families as well,” Blaney said.

Both choirs encourage the community to attend their concert and take part in a wonderful Christmas experience!