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Nathaniel Rioux

Staff writer

Well, everybody knows that the world is going to end, so why not go out in style and class?  By that I mean why not rock our last year on Earth with some gaming? Since there are not many video games being released this month, I figure that it is appropriate to share my predictions of the gaming industry.

“Planetside 2” will be a major hit.  Sony’s sequel to the “Planetside” franchise will be a major hit among many MMO enthusiasts. With the introduction of the game being free to play, the game will surely attract a major slice of the gaming demographics.

“Half Life 3” will be announced.  Yes, I predict that “Half Life’s” third installment will be announced sometime this year.  Value has made some rumors about the apparent game but no word yet if the game will hit shelves this year.

“Counter Strike Global Offensive”.  Value’s next big franchise game is expected to hit stores by fall of 2012. The game has been rumored to hit stores as a free to play game but no word yet on if this is true.

Playstation Vita will drop in price.  That’s right, the newest handheld Playstation system, which has already hit stores in Japan, will drop in price before the end of the year. At an estimated $250 a pop, I predict it will drop price as soon as it hits shelves much like the DS.