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SOPA vs gaming


Nathaniel Rioux

Staff writer

In light of the recent push for SOPA to pass in the United States Senate, many website such as Google and Wikipedia went dark in protest of the bill last week. And while most major internet companies show in great detail the issues of this bill, one thing that was not shown was how the entertainment, more specifically the video game industry’s’ response to SOPA. Unlike the music industry, most video game developers showed surprising resistance to the bill. Their reasoning behind the lack of support for the bill was from how poorly designed the bill was.  In fact most developers suggested that the bill would eliminate one of their man ways of promoting a game, using the internet to spread word of a game through viral videos. This notion is simply put as using the power of social media to spread word about various games on the market. Although most developers do like the concept of increased fines for anti-piracy that comes with the bill, they do not like the ways those penalties restrict the creative design and marketing behind the products they produce.