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Review: One For the Money


Morgan Minyard

Staff writer

On January 27th the movie “One for the Money” based off of Janet Evanovich’s bestselling novel came out in theaters. The film made a surprising $11.5 million in its opening weekend. The movie stars Katherine Heigl as Stephanie Plum. After being let go from her job as a lingerie sales woman Plum is desperate for money, so she turns to her cousin who owns a bail bonding company for a job as a bounty hunter.

What makes the movie funny is the fact that Stephanie Plum is not your typical recovery agent; she can barely work her own pepper spray let alone a gun.  Luckily she has Ranger, played by Daniel Sunjata, who is a seasoned bounty hunter to help her out along the way.

Probably the funniest thing about the movie is the fact that she is trying to bring her ex-boyfriend from high school Joe Morelli, played by Jason O’Mara into jail. However, Plum finds that convincing him to turn himself in is harder and more complicated than she thought it would be.

Although the film has been a hit with audiences critics have not felt the same way. As of now one of the leading movie review sites Rotten Tomatoes has given the movie a 3% while 70% of audiences have liked the movie.

One of the biggest complaints about the movie is that Heigl is out of her element. She normally plays the girl next door in chick flicks; perhaps her playing a go getter semi ghetto New Jersey recovery agent just is not her thing. Or might be the fact that she starts out with a strong Jersey accent but as the movie goes on it fades in and out.

“There have been notable exceptions, but Heigl tends to imbue her characters with an off-putting mix of insecurity and abrasiveness. This film is a prime example” said Elizabeth Weitzman of “The New York Daily News”.

“Imagine an Elmore Leonard movie scripted by a bad Nora Ephron imitator, and you’ll have an idea of how dead-in-the-Jersey-water it is” said Owen Gleiberman of “Entertainment Weekly”.

Despite what critics have to say the audiences have seemed to enjoy Heigl’s performance and the movie.