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The Winter’s Tale comes to RC


Morgan Minyard

Staff writer

Last week on Wednesday the 25th the American Shakespeare Center tour troupe came to perform their rendition of William Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale” in Olin Theater. The cast and crew traveled from Staunton, Virginia, where they practice in America’s only recreation of Shakespeare’s indoor theatre, to put on the production. The play was a hit.

Roanoke College was lucky enough to be one of stops on the American Shakespeare Tour, thus people took advantage of the great opportunity.

The cast did an excellent job in keeping the audience’s attention. They incorporated many modern notions into the play, including some numbers from Dirty Dancing along with other contemporary music and modern humor, while still going along with the original “Winter’s Tale” plot.

Overall the cast did an excellent job performing the play. What made the play interesting and funny was the incorporation of the audience into the play. The actors and actresses were able to interact with the audience in multiple ways. For instance there were chairs available for those who were brave enough to sit on stage; the actors took full advantage of playing tricks on the audience members in the on-stage seating, while also involving them in their conversations on stage. The cast also interacted with the rest of the audience by asking some people questions or staring others down to make them laugh.

“ASC on Tour productions recognize that the actors are not alone in the theatre, and actively shatter the ‘fourth wall’ between actors and audience,” said Rick Blunt, one of the actors in the play.

Ultimately the play was a huge success. At the end of the play the actors and actresses received an enormous standing ovation from the audience for their outstanding performances. If you get the chance to see ASC you should definitely go see them perform.