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Video game madness: February


Nathaniel Rioux

Staff writer

It’s February and for some love is in the air, for others it’s just a normal month, with the exception of two less days in the month.  So without further a due it’s time to introduce this month’s video game releases:

February 8th: Gotham City Imposters:  This is the game that for those guys that are the ones wearing hockey pants when they go out to fight crime. The game is a class based shoots based of the guys that never really got the super powers. A comical idea to the whole super powered crime fighting this game should be an interesting one to watch.  The game comes out for computer, PS3 and X-Box 360.

February 14th:  UFC Undisputed 3: Fighting fans rejoice, the MMA fighting simulator is back for the PS3 and Xbox. The game third installment should be a thrill for any fans of MMA fighting or anybody who is a serious fan of fighting games

February 21st:  Syndicate: EA’s new shooter has been under the radar of most gamers for a while. The game is strictly based on 4 player co-ops mode which is interesting because most games either have both single player and multiplayer but this game is different. The game comes out for Xbox, PC and PS3.

February 28th: Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition: Yes in case you guys don’t have the game you can get all the DLC and extra content in a new package. Serious fans will flock to the shelf for this but if you already have it don’t worry about getting it.

And that’s your round up for the month of February.