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Movie review: The Woman in Black


Morgan Minyard

Staff writer

“The Woman in Black” opened in theaters on February 3 and has received great reviews from critics and audiences alike.

The film starring Daniel Radcliffe is a suspenseful horror story mixed in with a mystery. So far the movie has grossed over $20 million.

“Check behind the doors. Switch on all the lights. You won’t be sleeping soundly for a while,” said Olly Richards of Empire Magazine.

“The Woman in Black is a tasteful, old-school frightener, emphasizing suspense and foreboding over blood and guts,” said Claudia Puig USA Today.

For his first post-Potter film role, Daniel Radcliffe plays Arthur Kipps, a British lawyer who, years after his wife, Stella (Sophie Stuckey), died in childbirth, has the haunted eyes of an eternal mourner.

“Mr. Radcliffe makes a sturdy, sympathetic center for the tale, even if the ghost of Potter past hovers in his every gesture” said Manhola Dargis Rolling Stone Magazine.

Although Radcliffe makes a great effort in his new role, his previous role as Harry Potter still lingers over him. It is hard to imagine him playing any other role. It will take some time for many people to be able to see the actor for who he is in other roles instead of his famous character Harry Potter.

With Mr. Watkins’s creeping camerawork in place, it’s Radcliffe who keeps the story steadily moving forward inch by inch, shiver by shiver.

Overall the movie has been a hit for Radcliffe’s fans and critics as well, and has also scored high ratings on top movie critic sites such as Rotten Tomatoes where it has received a 62%, which is a good score considering the source.