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Round Salem: One of Salem’s favorite drinks


Conrad Classen

Staff writer

The Brooks-Byrd Pharmacy has been located at 2 East Main Street in Salem for generations. Originally Webber’s Pharmacy in the 1920s, Ervin Brooks and Ray Byrd bought the pharmacy in the early 1960s and became Brooks-Byrd Pharmacy. The local pharmacy, now run by Cameron Brooks, son of Ervin Brooks, not only has been a local favorite for it’s service and personability to its customers, but for the soda fountain and snow cones they serve. Since 1962, the shaved iced drinks have been served and have been a Salem favorite on hot days after school, especially with the middle school students. The simple syrup and sugar water are used in conjunction with the shaved ice to make an orange, lemon, or lime drink. To shave the ice, the original hand crank machine in the back of the store is still used.

“We let the men shave the ice, it can be tough sometimes” said Mary Cameron Brooks, granddaughter of Ervin Brooks.

The price of drinks range from a small priced at 75 cents or a large priced at $2.60. Snow cones come in cherry coke or blue raspberry flavors and are only 50 cents. Though the pharmacy’s name has changed in the past, the drinks have remained a staple in Salem. If you have time, check out Brooks-Byrd pharmacy and try their orangeade or limeade, the best in town.