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Founder of Connor’s Heroes Visits RC


Kaitlyn Bell

Staff writer

            During Honors Conference Week, Honors Program students planned several exciting events for their peers to enjoy. One of the most inspirational lectures that were planned was given by a visitor named Lisa Goodwin, who shared her story and encouraged RC students to do something meaningful.

Lisa Goodwin co-founded the non-profit organization called Connor’s Heroes along with her husband after receiving the news that their own son had been diagnosed with leukemia. At just 22-months old, young Connor and his parents would have to fight the most important battle of his life and they were certainly more than successful.

At her lecture, Goodwin discussed how she had always intended to practice law, but she never expected the surprise turn that her life would take. After having her own personal experience in the trials and tribulations of being the parent of a child with leukemia, Goodwin wanted to help make a difference in the lives of other families who were having much greater difficulty supporting their own sick child than she was herself.

Since 2003 when Goodwin’s son became sick, she has been determined to change the lives of families in need. Because of her, several families have been able to give their child necessary treatment and have been provided with gift cards for gas to travel from home to the hospital and much more.

Connor’s Heroes later created Connor’s Heroes and Sidekicks, where leukemia patients are paired up with a ‘sidekick’ who may come visit them so they can play games or just get to talk to one another. Along with the non-profit work that Goodwin and her staff do throughout the Richmond area, Goodwin had desired to step her toes into a new area where help could be given to families of children of cancer elsewhere.

Luckily, Brittany Evans, co-chair of Honors Conference Week, had several connections with Lisa Goodwin and was able to convince her to start a backpack drive where cancer patients in the local Roanoke Valley would receive a backpack with personalized items according to their age and personality. The backpack drive for Connor’s Heroes continued through Saturday, February 11th and has been successful in providing many children with sanitary toys to play with in the hospital.

Lisa Goodwin’s inspirational lecture left students with the enthusiasm to do something incredible and to be prepared for the possibility of life’s unexpected turns.