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Honors week ends with school wide talent show


Kaitlyn Bell

Staff writer

            As last week concluded, so did several wonderful and inspiring events hosted by Honors Conference Week. Every year, the Honors Program puts together several events such as lectures and educational events that coincide with a common theme. This year, Honors chose to go along with the theme of Trivial Pursuit. Each day of the week there was a theme which had special lectures to go along with it. For example, Skip Yowell, co-founder of JanSport Backpacks came on the day that the theme was to nature.

By the end of the week, students had collected a hole-punched “Trivial Pursuit” card from all of the lectures that would allow any of them to enter tickets into a raffle baskets during the concluding Honors Conference Week Event; the Talent Show. On Friday, February 10th, several students competed and many others came to witness the unique acts of the night. Luckily, the Trivial Pursuit category of Entertainment fit perfectly with a night of music, hula hooping, karate, magic, and much more!

The raffle at the end of the night allowed five students to win the Trivial Pursuit themed basket prizes. Along with a raffle, judges including: Dr. Hakkenberg, director of the Honors Program; Brittany Evans, President of the Honors Program; and Daniel Ballou, co-chair of Honors Conference Week, worked very hard to put together the rest of Honors Conference Week and certainly had a tough time picking the winner of this year’s Talent Show. With so many talented participants singing music including Caisee Fogle, Maria Guarino, Vicente Raja Galián, Rachel Andrews, Zachary Borst, Joshua Callum and so many more, the music could not have been better. Other acts including a magic act by Nathan Repass and a karate demonstration with Nathan and Scott Tringali had the entire crowd captivated and entertained!

The wonderful thing about this year’s Talent Show was its thorough blend of performances which encompassed diversity at its best. Eli Harrison performed a poetry recitation in Spanish using the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song to dramatize the poem entitled, “La Canción del Pirata.” Several international students also showed off their incredible musical abilities by singing in various different languages. The night concluded with a round of applause for all of the performers as well as the Tech Crew and Dining Services for helping to make this event to end Conference Week so special for students in and outside of the Honors Program.