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“Mass Effect 3” to be released soon


Nathaniel Rioux

Staff writer

EA’s third installment to the widely successful “Mass Effect” series realized the high anticipated demo and multiplayer beta this past week and upon first impressions the game is nothing but stellar. The plot of the game is nothing new for any science fiction fan, in which you play Commander Shepard in a fight to save earth from an alien onslaught, but biased on past games this story is going to be anything but ordinary. On the computer version the graphics have been overhauled greatly to make the environments stand out in vivid details. So far the cut scenes are well done and most of the voice actors are back from the previous game, like Seth Green as Joker.

Multiplayer is a tad interesting at this point. The core concept is co-op biased wave defense mode where you fight oncoming waves of enemies as one of the various class types of the game. While this game never had multiplayer up until this point it be interesting to watch the introductions of RPG elements to the game. This will give some longevity to a game that is known for its long single player.

My impressions so far are nothing but stellar. Although the demo is very brief if it’s any indication of just how much effort was taken into story alone it should be a very emotional ride for the player. “Mass Effect 3” is set to come out in early March.